Please note that our customer service department will be closed from Thursday September 24th 2015 to Saturday September 26th returning back to normal office hours on Sunday September 27th 2015 . As for trading in US market, our dealing desk is available during Eid holiday via (+97317600105) And/Or (web and mobile applications )

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Most comprehensive offering of online trading platforms built by market leading Mubasher Technology.

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Multi-markets, multi-asset classes and multi-currency from a single account.

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  • multi markets

    Multi Markets

    MubasherTrade is the only trading platform in the world that provides you with online trading access to all Arab stock exchanges over a single platform.
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  • asset

    Multi Asset Class

    Up markets, down markets, sideways markets – no problem. You have a view and we help you trade it.
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  • single account

    Single Account with low FX spreads

    Use one account to trade all markets. Sell in the UAE in the morning and buy in the US at night by immediately using your sales proceeds.
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  • cash access

    Margin account with immediate cash access

    Trading on margin allows you to take larger positions than would be possible with a cash account. You can hold positions for one second, one day or longer.
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  • awards

    Award winning trading platforms

    Our cutting-edge trading platforms have won many awards over the last few years and are an industry benchmark. See for yourself which one works best for you.
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  • content

    Comprehensive content

    Over the years, Mubasher has built and integrated cutting edge research, monitoring and analysis tools into our platforms.
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  • 24x7

    7 Days Live support

    We are here for you when the markets are open. 7 days a week. Chose the way you want to interact with our service centre.
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  • security

    Safety and security

    Established in 2007, Mubasher Financial Services is a trusted name in brokerage and is fully committed to the protection of its clients' funds.
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