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Unlike other online trading platforms, MubasherTrade Web brings you access to multi market funds, equities and derivatives though a single account.

MubasherTrade Web

Seven day trading – wherever you are!

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Unlike other online trading platforms, MubasherTrade Web brings you access to multi market funds, equities and derivatives though a single account. There is no need for individual certification; trades can be carried out through one, easy to use portal, bringing you the benefits of trading in different markets without the usual pitfalls or expense associated with these transactions.

Seven day trading

Trade wherever suits you, whenever suits you ...

MubasherTrade Web offers you a gateway to global market information. Because of our unique access to international and regional markets, you can trade at a time that suits you – enabling you to really maximise your investment portfolio. MubasherTrade Web is a web-based trading platform; with no time consuming downloads, you aren’t restricted to a single point of entry– you can access from your home, your office – or anywhere you have internet access.

  • Get trading right away! MubasherTrade Web is intuitive and easy to use; most people get to grips with it without any specialist training. Choose and customise your layout, set up ‘watch-lists’, save your profile and logon from any web screen. MubasherTrade Web is designed to facilitate your trading experience.
  • Keep a check on your trading positions, order status, open positions, account status and portfolio value with MubasherTrade Web’s unique ‘One-stop’ trading window. Included in this special feature are direct links to buy and sell and chart functions
  • Maximise your investment portfolio with an unparalleled range of investment opportunities. MubasherTrade Web brings you multi-asset classes in one easy to use system. Choose to invest in Equity or Options contracts, ADR’s, EFT/ETN’s or GDRs.
  • Diversify your international trading portfolio. Maximise your investment potential by trading on a wide range of exchanges – we specialise in brining you trading opportunities from some of the world’s most exciting emerging markets – in addition to the major investment centres.
  • Best price! Because we place your order directly to the market, your orders are executed as quickly as possible and at the best available price.
  • Keep informed with streaming news from markets, companies and streaming FX news. We bring you the latest from major news desks, including Dow Jones News, our privately owned Mubasher VAS and several Local News Sources. No other provider has this range.
  • Stay on top of the markets. Keep up to date with global charting and watch lists– from all the major and regional markets
  • Keep secure. MubasherTrade Web is operated by NTG, one of the World’s foremost IT operations – we apply the same rigorous security protocol to all our web based tools
  • Need help? We strive to make MubasherTrade Web easy to use. For the times when you need it, help is at hand. Call us on our call centre hotline - through email, fax or through the comments page on this site. You can also chat live to other users though the MubasherTrade Web portal.
  • Find out how to open an account today!

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