Real-Time Trading Alerts

As part of our efforts at MubasherTrade to deliver top-notch, differentiated financial products and services to our valued clients, we are glad to announce the launch of a new research service based on technical analysis: Real-Time Trading Alerts. The new service will provide you with real-time trading ideas per security throughout the trading sessions of the markets that you are interested in. While this service will be offered only to active trading clients, we are opening it to all clients for a limited period of three months only.

More Details About our New Service:

Real-Time Trading Alerts is a new service to help users take advantage of trading opportunities in markets across the Middle East and major international markets. With MubasherTrade Global platform, you can trade all the regional and major international markets as one virtual market. Here is why you should subscribe to Real-Time Trading Alerts. You will have access to:

  • Real-time technical analysis-based trading ideas covering all MENA and US markets which will be expanded to cover other major international markets during 2013.
  • Customized trading alerts based on your preferred markets, regions, or sectors.
  • Real-time delivery of trading ideas based on latest market movements, fully integrated with award-winning MubasherTrade Global platform that allows you to trade any market from one trading account as if you are trading your own local market.
  • Trading ideas that are updated real time during its active lifespan based on market movements. Unlike other brokers who just open advices and never update or close them, Real-Time Trading Alerts will be tracked and closed at the right time, so you can rest assured that an expert analyst will not only tell you when to enter but also when to update or close the trade.
To view a sample report
To view a sample report

Our Real-Time Trading Alerts performance during 2012:

Download the Real-Time Trading Alerts 2012 performance White Paper from here

You are just a click away from subscribing to the new service. If you're already a MubasherTrade Global client the simply, login to access this new service. For instructions click here

If you are not a MubasherTrade Global client, you can subscribe to the new service by opening an account with MubasherTrade Global.

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