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Unlike other online trading platforms, MubasherTrade Web brings you access to multi market funds, equities and derivatives through a single account.

MubasherTrade iPad

Enrich your trading experience with Mubasher iPad!

This lite version of MubasherTrade keeps you up to date with the market through your iPad and even enables you to trade on the go!

Seven day trading

  • View the day's news making stocks: Mubasher iPad provides the latest top stocks information by scanning a broad universe of symbols in seconds to identify trading opportunities.
  • Visualize the past performance of the symbols with Charts:Arrange the chart style, interval and period to suit your requirements.
  • Keep on top of your investment: Receive real-time updates on stock activity in the Time and Sales window.
  • Trading: Place orders in real-time on the go by specifying the order type.
  • Market Summary: Keep yourself updated with market trends.
  • Market Information: It gives an overview of the current status of subscribed markets and its indices.
  • Global Market Summary: Gives an overview of the global market summary information by equities, commodities & currencies.
  • Regional Top Stocks: View information for Top stocks across several regions.
  • Media Player: Watch the media player by selecting the channels.
  • Price Alerts Set alerts to be notified of price changes for your favorite stocks.
  • and much more!!!

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