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Unlike other online trading platforms, MubasherTrade Web brings you access to multi market funds, equities and derivatives through a single account.

MubasherTrade iPhone

The application provides online trading, real-time price data, news, and announcements to keep you up-to-date with market activities even when you are on the move.

Seven day trading

Features of the product:

  • Trading: Place orders in real-time on the go by specifying the order type.
  • Order List: Details of placed orders with their current status can be viewed & filtered by order status when required, can also edit & cancel orders if necessary.
  • Portfolio: View your Portfolio Details in 3 modes three modes: Summary view, Current view and Valuation view.
  • Account Summary: Displays the cash details in terms of holdings, overdrawn limit, blocked amounts, unsettled sales, etc of your investment account.
  • Watch-List: Create your personalized watch lists to keep track of your favorite symbols in multiple exchanges.
  • Charting: Provides a graphical view of a symbol's performance for pre-defined periods, and price analysis features.
  • Global Market Summary: Gives an overview of the global market summary information by equities, commodities & currencies.
  • Market Information: Gives an overview of the current status of subscribed markets and its indices.
  • Detail Quote: Provides you with in-depth details of a symbol's performance.
  • Market Depth:View depth information by price & order with total quantities and a bar chart presentation.
  • Top Stocks: View Top Stock Information by region and by exchange.
  • Alerts : Add price alerts.
  • News & Announcements: Gives you the latest news/announcements available for the selected exchange, with the most recent news/ announcements on top.
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